Rhino Doors Chosen to Supply Hurricane-Proof Doors for Scottish Windfarm Infrastructure

May 01 2024

At Rhino Doors, we are renowned for our expertise in delivering high-security door solutions. We have demonstrated our prowess in catering to the diverse needs of critical infrastructure projects. We recently secured a new order to supply eight doors for an offshore wind farm located in Scotland. This project marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing robust security solutions tailored to meet the demands of extreme and challenging environments.

Situated off the coast of Scotland, the wind farm serves as a vital energy resource, harnessing the power of offshore winds to generate green, renewable electricity. However, with the unpredictability of coastal weather patterns, ensuring the safety and integrity of essential infrastructure becomes paramount. Rhino Doors has risen to the challenge and will supply doors for a series of large utility buildings (transformer rooms etc.) that connect to the offshore array, the doors are not only ‘hurricane-proof’ but also exceptionally large to accommodate the project’s unique requirements.

The magnitude of the order is large, involving the provision of two doors measuring an impressive 8 metres in height and 9.9 metres in width, along with six doors standing at 7 metres tall and 4.8 metres wide. These substantial dimensions underscore the immense scale and complexity of the infrastructure involved in the wind farm’s operations, a challenge we are ready to tackle.

Our unwavering commitment to flexibility in manufacturing is central to our success in this endeavour. Recognising the critical nature of the project and the need for bespoke solutions, we adapted our existing Rhino-SFC doors to meet the specific requirements, providing customised security solutions that address the unique challenges posed by different industries and environments.

Our Rhino-SFC folding doors, a testament to our commitment to innovation, are designed to resist deliberate forced entry, blast, vehicle ram and ballistic attacks. We comprise these doors with a flexible number of high-strength panels that can part at any section along the width of the doors, providing operational flexibility. The panels fold away into compact areas at the sides of the opening, optimising space usage.

The inherent strength of our doors, necessary for mitigating security threats, lends itself very well to the provision of large, oversize doors that can tolerate very high wind loads that are typical in this part of the world.

Moreover, adapting NSPA vehicle access doors further reinforces our commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions for critical infrastructure projects. By leveraging NSPA doors’ proven reliability and durability, we ensure that vital facilities, such as the transformer rooms within the wind farm, remain protected against extreme elements and potential security threats.

The selection of Rhino Doors for this significant project is a testament to our technical expertise and our unwavering commitment to collaboration. We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that not only meet but also exceed their expectations. As we continue to expand our presence in high-security infrastructure, such accomplishments underscore our position as a trusted partner for organisations seeking reliable and resilient security solutions.

By tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of clients and industries, we set a benchmark for reliability and performance in safeguarding critical infrastructure against extreme elements and security risks.


May 01 2024

Rhino Doors Chosen to Supply Hurricane-Proof Doors for Scottish Windfarm Infrastructure

Robust security solutions tailored to meet the demands of extreme and challenging environments.


April 30 2024

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