Case Studies

For over 25 years Rhino Doors has been providing bespoke, commercial and CPNI-rated engineered doors to a wide range of industries across the UK and beyond. Explore some examples of work below, and see why the biggest names trust Rhino Doors to provide products that protect their people and assets.

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Oversize Ballistic Doors

Testing military vehicles creates a unique and challenging set of circumstances for doors. So, when Vault Systems Australia were approached by the Australian Ministry of Defence to supply a set of bespoke, oversized doors for a new indoor test firing range, they turned to their global partner, Rhino Doors.

  • Case Study – Large hinged double leaf ballistic, acoustic and blast-rated doors LEARN MORE

High Acoustic Attenuation Doors

When one of the largest Crossrail mainline stations needed a company to carry out the design, test, manufacture and installation of bespoke, multi-performance hinged steel doors for Tunnel Ventilation Fan (TVF) rooms, they turned to Rhino.

  • Case Study – High Acoustic Attenuation Tunnel Vent Fan Room Doors LEARN MORE

Bespoke protection for underground railway maintenance workers

Ensuring that maintenance workers are protected both during the construction and operation of the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line is of vital importance. So, when the provision of a large bulkhead with double leaf stainless steel fire door for the protection of a sub-surface track-facing maintenance POD was required, Rhino Doors was chosen.

  • Case Study – Bespoke protection for maintenance workers in underground railways LEARN MORE

Oversize Electric Sliding/Folding Doors

When a major Middle Eastern utility company was constructing a new water treatment works, it found that it required a set of unusually tall (8m), but relatively narrow sliding doors. Due to the unusual nature of the doors, they required a bespoke engineered solution. So, they turned to Rhino Doors.

  • Case Study – Oversized Electric Sliding/Folding Doors LEARN MORE