Spotlight on the team going the extra 7,947 miles

November 02 2023

Rhino Doors has a history of meeting the needs of projects in remote locations, demanding in-depth forward-planning, contingency planning, and in some cases, on-the-spot thinking.

Most recently, a team from Rhino Doors journeyed to the Falkland Islands to complete a project for the UK Government.

This journey took three days in total, from Heathrow to Sao Paolo, to Santiago, to Punto Arenas, and finally, the Falkland Islands. The equipment travelled ahead separately – not faster, but possibly more directly…

The project site was in a radar station at the top of a mountain, where high performance doors needed to be fitted – a total of 19 sets of doors installed within three weeks.

From landing in Port Stanley, the team of three, led by John Brierley, stayed overnight in a house before being transported up the mountain the following day, by helicopter.

On arrival, the main challenge was immediately obvious – the weather. There was lots of snow and high winds, and on one day the team couldn’t leave the barracks due to the conditions.

When the team got to work, reunited with the equipment which was sent out in shipping containers, they worked long hours – when conditions allowed – to get the project completed to schedule.

John, the team supervisor, said, “The type of doors we were fitting were ones we work with all the time, so the team was able to work fast and effectively, but we did have late nights and early mornings to maintain momentum as we lost some time due to the weather conditions over there.”

The project was completed to scope and schedule, and the team is due back out next year. They’ll be heading to a different site on the Islands and so, as we continue work back in the UK, the equipment is being shipped from one mountain to the next.


November 27 2023

Regional award win opens doors to national awards

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November 13 2023

Rhino Engineering Group opens new doors after securing certification

Rhino Engineering Group has been accredited with SSIP certification which confirms that the organisation is committed to, and has suitable arrangements in place for, protecting the health and safety of all who work for and with them.   SSIP stands for Safety Schemes in Procurement and is a mark of assurance for contractors working within the construction […]