Rhino demonstrates the effectiveness of its insulated fire door

November 03 2022

Watch as we put our insulated fire door to the test against a standard integrity-only fire door.

Last month, we demonstrated the effectiveness of our Rhino-FDi90HL fire door by conducting a fire test and comparing with an integrity-only fire door.

The results show the exceptional performance of our fire door, highlighting its quality and the potential industry-wide applications.

To find out more about our industry-leading fire door, click here.


December 01 2022

Behind the door: exploring the Rhino-FDi90HL fire door test

Last month, we released a video demonstrating the effectiveness of our insulated fire door (Rhino-FDi90HL) against a standard integrity-only fire door. The result was compelling footage which highlighted the superior strength and performance of the Rhino door, and its potential industry-wide applications.  To delve deeper into the door design itself and our motivations for producing […]


November 23 2022

Rhino Engineering Group announces new partnership with Jewers Doors

Rhino Engineering Group and Jewers Doors are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership which will see Rhino proactively selling Jewers’ Phoenix range of insulated sliding and sliding/folding doors.  Jewers’ door systems operate similarly to Rhino’s own range of high-security vehicle access doors and will be offered to customers requiring a more cost-effective […]