Explore Export Wales 2024

January 31 2024

The Rhino team has been invited to participate in the discussion panel at the Explore Export Wales event on Thursday, 14th March 2024, at the Cardiff City Stadium, and we are delighted to participate. Our Group Commercial Director Jan McPherson will be in attendance for this event, described as “a great opportunity for businesses to network with one another; get the latest export news and advice; speak to support organisations; explore overseas opportunities; and, discover tools to make your exporting business more self-sufficient”. 

The event will showcase how the Welsh government can help Welsh companies with exports and trading overseas and the support they can offer businesses to help them succeed.

The critical parts of the day will be: 

  • A ministerial keynote speech and plenary session where Welsh businesses that have been successfully trading overseas will share their experiences and the things they’ve learned from the experience.
  • Delegates can meet representatives from overseas markets to explore export opportunities.
  • Organisations in the Welsh export industry, such as finance, legal, and logistics, will be there to talk to organisations about how they can work with them to export successfully. 
  • Attendees can meet with International Trade Advisors and learn about the range of digital support tools available from the Welsh government.
  • There will be talks giving information, support and advice on some fundamental elements of international trade. 

The Explore Export Wales event we’re participating in is in South Wales. Another event in North Wales is on Thursday, 21st March, at The Village Hotel, Chester St. David’s in Ewloe. If you think the day would be of interest, you can register online,

Exporting can benefit Welsh businesses, contributing to their growth, competitiveness and overall success. Here are some critical advantages of exporting: 

  • Exporting allows Welsh businesses to diversify their customer base. By expanding internationally, companies can tap into new markets and reduce dependence on any single economy. This means companies can be less at risk of negative implications of local economic downturns, regulatory changes, or other threats. Exporting helps mitigate these risks by diversifying revenue streams across different regions, reducing vulnerability to any single market’s fluctuations. 
  • Access to a broader customer base means a potential for increased sales and revenue, especially if you optimise your cost structure for more significant production or distribution volumes. 
  • Exporting often involves adapting products and services to meet different markets’ needs and preferences. This process can help to drive innovation within a company, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. The exposure to diverse markets also provides valuable learning experiences for businesses, allowing them to refine their strategies and operations. 
  • Successfully exporting products or services to international markets can enhance the brand image of Welsh businesses. Being associated with international success can boost the reputation and credibility of a company, both at home and abroad. 

We are very excited to attend and think the day will be of great interest and benefit to everyone there. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new contacts as well.


May 01 2024

Rhino Doors Chosen to Supply Hurricane-Proof Doors for Scottish Windfarm Infrastructure

Robust security solutions tailored to meet the demands of extreme and challenging environments.


April 30 2024

Rhino Doors Secures Prestigious MOD Contract for Armoury Doors 

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