Rolling back the years with Rhino

February 04 2022

Rhino Doors has been manufacturing its industrial doors for many years and we pride ourselves on our products having the strength to protect – but what does this look like in practice and how do our doors help clients protect their most valuable assets?

A recent discovery in the Rhino Doors office has seen the team rolling back the years, reflecting on our company’s rich history through an old newspaper cutting.

The article, from the Llanelli Star in July 1993, highlights a Rhino Door which had been installed in a local warehouse. After an attempted break-in by a suspected gang, the thieves ended up leaving empty-handed after they failed to gain entry with their steel-cutting tools.

The attack on the Rhino Door demonstrates the overall quality of our door sets and how much pressure they can endure – which is precisely why our clients have been coming to us for so many years.

Alwyn Lloyd, Llanelli Borough Council’s Direct Labour Organisation Maintenance Superintendent, said in the article: “We were very impressed by the way the Rhino Doors stood up to the assault. If the old doors had been attacked in this way, the thieves could simply have pushed them open. There’s just no comparison.”

Since the publication of the article, Rhino has gone from strength to strength. Established in 1983, the company started out developing basic industrial doors, but the product range quickly grew to include physical attack delay products.

Fast forward to 2022 and Rhino Doors has seen a year of continued growth over the last 12 months, having established a new parent company, Rhino Engineering Group, which now sits above Rhino Doors.

Two new subsidiaries have also been set up to sit beneath the Rhino Engineering Group: Rhino Site Systems, which provides after-sales and installation services, and Rhino HySafe, which produces innovative ultra-fast explosion relief products specifically designed for the hydrogen market.

It’s great to look at back at this news article from almost 29 years ago, highlighting the durability of our products, the experience of our talented engineers, and our credentials as a leading manufacturer of high-performance engineered doors.

Our clients trust Rhino Doors to protect their people and assets, and we look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality products to organisations across the world, as well as working to expand our remit and product offering.

To find out more about Rhino Doors and how we can support your business, take a look at the products we offer and the sectors we work across.


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