Rhino Doors is COVID-19 secure

May 15 2020

Rhino Doors has now fully resumed manufacturing & site installation operations and is COVID-19 Secure in-line with new guidelines issued by the Health & Safety Executive this week.

Developed in collaboration with over 250 businesses, unions, and industry leaders the guidelines are designed to make workplaces as safe as possible and give people the confidence that they are working within a business which takes their health and safety seriously. Rhino Doors is one of those businesses.

Rhino Doors has completed the ‘Five Steps to Safer Working Together’ and is now certified as complying with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 as demonstrated below:

Commenting on the certification Stuart Lawrence, Managing Director Rhino Doors, said:

“We have now fully resumed operations at Rhino Doors, from our manufacturing facility at Port Talbot, to our design and engineering teams at our Burscough head office. However, we take the health and safety of our employees, partners and suppliers very seriously and wanted to ensure that Rhino Doors was COVID-19 Secure before we resumed full operations. To that end, we’re amongst the first businesses to respond to the HSE advice and undertake the full ‘COVID-19 Secure’ review process.”


July 19 2021

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July 16 2021

Spotlight on Team Rhino: Ceri Couser

Established in 1983, Rhino Doors have worked hard to develop a unique door design that was quickly recognised by UK industry leaders.  Following the success of the high-performance attack delay doors, Rhino decided to develop their range further by designing and manufacturing high-performance doors which provide protection against fire, smoke, flood, blast and excessive noise.   The evolution of Rhino’s products has led them to secure a number of contracts within a diverse range of industries, including: defence, […]