Oil & Gas

We have years of expertise working with such trusted partners as Rapp Bomek. Our wide product offering suits the needs of the oil and gas exploration and refining industries. Specifically, Rhino designs and manufactures a patented system of profiled blast rated fire walls, personnel escape tunnels and a patented design of explosion relief panel.

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For the protection of assets and personnel working in the oil and gas exploration and refining industries we design and manufacture bespoke constructions with hydrocarbon fire ratings for the protection of fixed and floating offshore exploration and onshore processing facilities.

In 2018 we entered into a strategic partnership with Rapp Bomek, a leading company in the global development, production and service of fire-rated and other high-end doors for the offshore market. Under this agreement we supply fire and blast-proof walls, escape tunnels and explosion relief panels.

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Arch Profile Blast Rated Fire Walls, Explosion Relief Panels and Personnel Escape Tunnels for O&G Installations and Vessels

  • Patented design, blast rated by project-specific independently verifiable calculations
  • Fire-rated up to H120 hydrocarbon test standard
  • Blast walls available up to 10m high
  • Stainless steel Explosion Relief Panels available as fabricated cassettes or in kit form
  • Fire and blast resistant escape tunnels


"Rhino Doors are a competent, high-quality supplier that meets the market's requirements for design and functionality at competitive terms. We share the same values and view on market approach and focus on quality products which meet customer expectations in all areas” - Terje Bøe, Rapp Bomek CEO