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Our expertise is backed by extensive experience in the testing of new, pre-engineered products and bespoke, project-specific door constructions.

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We design custom-built solutions for projects requiring special, multi-performance rated hinged, sliding and folding doors in personnel and oversize configurations. At our Special Projects and Product Development base we combine structural and blast engineering skills with many years of cumulative experience in the steel door industry to provide design support for architects and consulting engineers, supported by post contract award, project-specific assessments or tests.

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Product Specification Advice Service

We provide a technical advice service for bespoke, project-specific doors at the design and specification stages. Based on many years of experience in the construction of doors and wall systems, and we are available to provide advice on the feasibility of achieving exceptional primary, and multi-performance ratings. These are backed by expert opinion of the likelihood of securing test house assessments post contract award. This service extends to advice on the structural design of peripheral door support structures.

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Multi-Performance/ Oversize Hinged and Sliding Doors

  • Purpose designed hinged (fixed panel) and sliding doors for structural openings up to 6m wide by 6m high in single and double leaf configurations
  • Fire-rated by project-specific assessment (Test House) up to E120 (integrity) to EN1634-1
  • LPS 1175 security rated by project-specific assessment
  • Acoustic tested to ISO 10140-2 and rated up to RW 55dB to ISO 717-1
  • Project-specific low-level blast and static air pressure-resistant, supported by independently verifiable calculations

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Pressure Resistant Fire Doors for Tunnels and Sub-Surface Rail Stations

  • Hinged (fixed panel) single and double-leaf doors
  • Fire Test House assessed for up to E120 (integrity) to EN 1634-1
  • Project-specific blast, static and piston pressure-resistant supported by independently verifiable calculations
  • Acoustic tested to ISO 10140-2 and rated up to RW 55dB to ISO 717-1

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High-Level Blast Resistance and Radiation Shielding Hinged and Sliding Doors

  • Side-hinged and sliding, single and double leaf configurations up to 6m wide by 6m high
  • Blast rated by project-specific, independently verifiable calculations to levels up to 5 Bar
  • Radiation shielded supported with project-specific calculation

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Arch Profile Blast Rated Fire Walls, Explosion Relief Panels and Personnel Escape Tunnels for O&G Installations and Vessels

  • Patented design, blast rated by project-specific independently verifiable calculations
  • Fire-rated up to H120 hydrocarbon test standard
  • Blast walls available up to 10m high
  • Stainless steel Explosion Relief Panels available as fabricated cassettes or in kit form
  • Fire and blast-resistant escape tunnels

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