Key Features:

  • Manual, ‘hold to run’, ‘semi automatic‘ or ‘fully automatic’ operations
  • For portal sizes up to 26m wide by 8m high, although can be specified as Bi-Parting for portals up to 40m wide
  • Available with UK Government approved attack delay, vehicle ram resistant, ballistic and blast ratings. Also available with thermally insulated cores for basic external enveloping applications
  • Available in 40mm or 60mm sections, dependent on performance standard required
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel ground rail, suitable for all types of road traffic. Stainless steel and other materials may also be specified
  • Provided with manually or electrically operated drop bolts
  • Available with wicket doors for personnel access
  • Bi-Parting configurations can be designed to cater for crane beams and other protrusions

Rhino-SFC Sliding Folding Door:

Rhino-SFC Sliding Folding Bi-Parting Door: