Announcing Project Bicornis – August 2017

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As part of Rhino’s strategic growth plan over the last 12 months, efforts have not surprisingly been focused on improving and expanding the range of high performance doors that we can supply – achieved through a combination of internally funded product development and also strategic partnering agreements. In addition to this, Rhino has over the last 12 months been pursuing development of a new product that will place Rhino as a more complete physical security provider by offering perimeter and pedestrian protection systems. This is known internally as Project Bicornis.

The company’s new product are Anti-ram retractable security bollards:

Automated security bollards of this type are installed in public areas outside “soft targets” where there is threat of HGV vehicles ramming the buildings with explosives or more directly where members of the public are the target. Anti-Ram bollards block vehicular access without inhibiting pedestrian traffic flow. Monitored and centralised control of these bollards is also required to facilitate vehicular access for emergency services.

PAS68 is the latest Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers and when designs are complete, Rhino will apply for accreditation to this standard. PAS68 has become the UK’s standard and the security industry’s benchmark for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) equipment, and is the specification against which perimeter security equipment is tested as part of the ongoing research to prevent VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attacks.

The recent recruitment of our new Chief Engineer Dr Chris Norris will allow Rhino to accelerate development of this safety critical new product, where it hoped that prototype testing will commence inside the next 6 months.

Further details to follow.

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