Rhino Becomes exclusive licensee for arch profile blastwalls and stainless steel explosion relief panels for emerging technologies – May 2019

The technology owned by Inoventech Ltd and extensively used in Europe, Azerbaijan, Far East and Australia has seen further development and is now exclusively licensed to Rhino Systems Ltd on a worldwide basis. Rhino systems Ltd is able to manufacture products and supply prefabricated units to customers worldwide. This follows on from the partnering agreement signed last year with Rapp Bomek that permits both companies to provide offshore doors and blast wall/escape tunnel solutions.


The patented arch profile tackles the problem of the onset of local buckling that hitherto has limited the capacity for ductile bending of large corrugated profiles. It is available for design blast pressures up to 4 bar and spans to 13m. Typical allowable ductility ratio of 3 significantly reduces required static strength for specified dynamic blast resistance and reduces profile thickness and support reactions.

The way this is achieved is shown Figure 1 which illustrates the progressive development of the concept over time. Double sided arch profiles are also available.

Figure 1: principals of arch profile corrugated walls

The use of thinner material makes the use of austenitic and high strength duplex stainless steel economic. Not only does this improve the longevity of safety critical blastwalls in corrosive marine environments but the higher temperature resistance enables temperatures up to 1100C to be withstood without the need for passive fire protection.

It ensures competition with carbon steel bulkhead walls which, due to their load-bearing function, are limited to temperature rise of 450-550C,  thereby requiring the use of PFP. This is illustrated in Figure 2, produced by UK steel construction Institute (Fire and Blast Information Group).

Figure 2 why arch profile blastwalls have higher temperature resistance than bulkhead walls.

The arch profile walls are roughly half the overall depth of equivalent bulkhead walls due to absence of main vertical beams. This has space saving advantages for platform equipment layouts.

Compliant supports are part of the supplied walls and are particularly easy to incorporate into topsides structures and can be installed later in the build process, allowing extended blast design optimisation.

In project terms main blastwalls are supplied as part of a package which includes cladding walls, which are usually stainless steel and are also offered by Rhino Systems Ltd.

Explosion Relief Panels and walls

Explosion relief panels are offered for various applications:

  • Gas compressor buildings.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell charging stations and nuclear power plant.
  • Engine room protection for LNG and hydrogen powered ships.
  • Blast mitigation for enclosures in arctic areas.

ERPs can be supplied in prefabricated cassette form or in kit form like conventional wall and roof cladding in lengths up to 6m. Cassette form has integral beams capable of spanning up to 6m and kit form has beams for spanning between normal C section purlins but with integral lateral stabilisers for the purlins.

The opening principal of the proprietary ERP of 1100mm width is shown in Figure 3. Other widths are available.

Figure 3 showing opening principal for Rhino Systems hinged explosion relief cassettes.

Hinged ERP’s are more effective in relieving explosion pressures than conventional cladding as they open up wall area for venting earlier in the explosion process. This is demonstrated by FABIG Technical Note 2, “Explosion Mitigations Systems” Ch. 5.

The ERP’s have the added advantage that harmful projectiles are avoided, thereby limiting damage spread and injury risk in explosions and has been demonstrated in tests.

Figure 4 shows the cassette based system shown in Fig 3 for use on hydrogen refuelling stations, destined for use on converted ISO containers or bespoke higher strength module options (which incidentally can be supplied by Rhino Systems complete with doors). The explosion relief panels cover the whole roof and are delivered as a single large cassette which incorporates roof beams to provide simple structural replacement for the conventional corrugated roof which is removed.

For emerging green energy solutions the high speed relief roofs for very reactive hydrogen have been developed for ISO containers. The designs are currently under evaluation by GexCon in Norway based on the international HySEA project. These high speed panels reduce peak pressures in the protected modules, compared to conventional ERPs.

Figure 4 transverse section through roof of converted ISO container for relief of hydrogen explosions

Figure 5a and 5b show cassette form ERPs certified for use in a gas compressor station (external and internal view) these units have additional requirements for fire protection and sound reduction, as sometimes required for buildings located near communities. They have external beams with downward projecting flanges which provide extra assurance against projectiles and protection of ice build-up from freezing rain.

ERPs have been subject to full scale explosion tests at GexCon’s test site in Norway.

Figure 5a 5b 5c ERPs for gas compressor stations and for engine room protection in gas powered ships (Norway)


For LNG or H2 gas powered ships (Figure 5c), ERPs relieve into void spaces which communicate to external shipside mounted ERPs located above uppermost watertight deck (also Rhino supply).

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Middle East Partnering Agreement – April 2019

Managing Director Richard Astin from British Aluminium signing the Partnering Agreement with Rhino Doors MD, Stuart Lawrence and Rhino Doors Chief Engineer, Dr Chris Norris

Rhino are delighted to announce the signing of a Partnering Agreement with British Aluminium LLC who are based in Doha, Qatar. Signed during a recent visit to the region, this important strategic alliance represents the first stage of Rhino’s export initiatives in the area, with further alliances expected to be announced in the near future.

British Aluminium will represent Rhino and are also expected to collaborate on a number of future projects. Specifically, British Aluminium will focus on Rhino’s expanding range of large, bespoke doors, incorporating acoustic, fire, Pressure and blast protection. Target market areas include major infrastructure projects as well as security services, defence and petrochemical projects, utilising Rhino’s expertise providing bespoke oversized and blast rated doors as well as Rhino’s patented arch profile blast wall solutions that is used predominantly in the oil & gas industry.

Commenting on the Partnering Agreement, Managing Director, Stuart Lawrence said “This is an incredibly important first step for Rhino to establish a permanent presence in the region through our partners at British Aluminium and is well timed given some recent export contracts awarded to Rhino within Qatar. Through British Aluminium’s extensive network of contacts within the broader region, we are looking forward to expanding our presence in the area, fully aligned with our strategic growth plan”.

Mr Richard Astin, Managing Director for British Aluminium stated “British Aluminium is proud to be partnering with Rhino Doors in Qatar & the Middle East. The vast range of Rhino’s unique products will dovetail perfectly with our Fire & Bullet proof door and window ranges. We have been building our business in Qatar & GCC for 6 years & have found that being a British managed company has opened so many otherwise ‘closed’ doors. There is a distinct lack of expertise in this region that together with Rhino, we are well placed to benefit from. We also have a 6,000m2 factory, showroom and offices where Rhino Doors products can be exhibited, meetings held and even warehousing provided if needed”.

For further information on British Aluminium LLC, please visit https://www.british-aluminium.com/

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Local MP, Stephen Kinnock Visits Rhino

S. Kinnock  

Local MP, Stephen Kinnock, paid a visit to Rhino Doors Headquarters in Port Talbot. On the visit Mr Kinnock was given a tour of the factory to view the processes involved in manufacturing our attack resistant, vehicle ram resistant, blast resistant, flood proof, and fire resistant doors and gates.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Kinnock said, ‘It was a terrific visit to Rhino Doors to see how they design, manufacture, install and maintain specialised doors and gates. The company play an important role producing doors for the nuclear industry, Ministry of Defence and many, many more companies. They are a great example of Welsh engineering and manufacturing.’

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Swansea Bay Business Awards


Rhino Doorshas been shortlisted in the Business of the Year 0-25 Employees category at the Swansea Bay Business Awards 2018.

The event, which will be held on Friday, February 23, 2018 at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, aims to recognise the greatest business successes in the Swansea Bay region. Rhino was selected as one of three in the category by a panel of judges alongside Clean Sweep and Express Metal Services. The panel comprised Ian Clarke from overall sponsors PWC; a representative of last year’s Business of the Year, Alan Brayley from AB Glass; Debbie Green, Woman of the Year 2017; Jonathan Roberts, editor of the South Wales Evening Post; and Lisa Cameron, commercial director of Media Wales.

Mr Roberts said: “Every year the calibre of entrants for the Swansea Bay Business Awards gets better and better, which in terms of whittling them down to a shortlist and then deciding on a winner makes it harder and harder.”

The full announcement article from WalesOnline can be found here.

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Announcing Project Bicornis – August 2017

bollard 1

bollard 2

As part of Rhino’s strategic growth plan over the last 12 months, efforts have not surprisingly been focused on improving and expanding the range of high performance doors that we can supply – achieved through a combination of internally funded product development and also strategic partnering agreements. In addition to this, Rhino has over the last 12 months been pursuing development of a new product that will place Rhino as a more complete physical security provider by offering perimeter and pedestrian protection systems. This is known internally as Project Bicornis.

The company’s new product are Anti-ram retractable security bollards:

Automated security bollards of this type are installed in public areas outside “soft targets” where there is threat of HGV vehicles ramming the buildings with explosives or more directly where members of the public are the target. Anti-Ram bollards block vehicular access without inhibiting pedestrian traffic flow. Monitored and centralised control of these bollards is also required to facilitate vehicular access for emergency services.

PAS68 is the latest Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers and when designs are complete, Rhino will apply for accreditation to this standard. PAS68 has become the UK’s standard and the security industry’s benchmark for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) equipment, and is the specification against which perimeter security equipment is tested as part of the ongoing research to prevent VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attacks.

The recent recruitment of our new Chief Engineer Dr Chris Norris will allow Rhino to accelerate development of this safety critical new product, where it hoped that prototype testing will commence inside the next 6 months.

Further details to follow.

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Top Expert Pledges Future To Rhino In A Coup For Growing Rhino Doors

Dr Norris

Dr Chris Norris has been named as Rhino’s chief engineer, strengthening the team with almost 30 years’ as one of the industry’s most respected figures.

Joining Rhino Doors from Booth Industries, where he was also chief engineer, Dr Norris is a specialist in blast and fire protection walling systems and doors in the offshore oil and gas industry. He is also a design authority on a range of major projects across infrastructure and rail, defence and nuclear new build. Dr Norris will join Rhino on 8th June.

Dr Norris said: “I am delighted to join Rhino Doors at this very exciting time on their strategic journey. This is a strongly motivated operation, based on innovation, quality and growth in the UK and internationally and with exceptional backing by their investors. I am excited to be a part of a team with such a dynamic approach to the industry.”

A renowned engineer, with a background in blast protection, attack delay, acoustic attenuation and fire protection, Dr Norris will apply his expertise to Rhino’s existing and forthcoming rail and tunnel projects, as well as boosting Rhino’s specialist doors offering to the British nuclear new build programme.

Stuart Lawrence, Managing Director of Rhino Doors, said: “I am very proud that the Rhino name is strong enough to recruit someone of the calibre of Dr Norris. He is a genuinely a well respected and renowned expert and I am thrilled he has chosen to join us.

“Together with our partners CNIM S.A., we are placing a great deal of strategic focus on the UK’s nuclear new build programme and I believe that there is nobody better equipped to augment our innovation in this area than Dr Norris. He will also boost our offering in infrastructure and rail and oil and gas, particularly offshore projects.”

Dr Norris will bring his expertise to a number of projects which are of interest to Rhino, including the Wylfa Newydd power station, Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C in the nuclear new build programme.

He will also provide Rhino’s technical leadership to a range of Crossrail projects and oil and gas contracts that are either currently being proposed or are already secured.

Stuart added: “This is an enormously exciting time for British Industry, with huge investment in the UK and incredible opportunities overseas and Rhino’s strategic ambition is to be at the vanguard of these new developments, innovating, pioneering and offering true value, which is why we have strengthened our team through the appointment of Dr Norris and why we will continue to develop and grow.”

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Contract Award

Rhino Doors are pleased to announce the award of a contract to supply specialised, bespoke doors for the new Farringdon Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) station in London. Rhino were awarded a contract by BFK Joint Venture (Bam Ferrovial Kier), who are constructing the new station, with a challenging specification to provide a set of five maintenance access doors for the stations fan rooms.

The doors are particularly large providing a clear opening of 4.3m wide x 4.035m high and must provide a sound attenuation of up to 55dB. In addition to this, the access doors must also be security rated and fire rated.

Commenting on the contract award, Managing Director Stuart Lawrence said “Having worked with the team at BFK over the last few months, we are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract. The recent investment by the shareholders has supported the development into this type of multi-performance door and this is something that is a central theme of the strategic growth plan for Rhino”.

Following a period of design development and qualification testing over the next few months, this door contract is schedule for completion in August 2017.

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Rhino Appoints New Sales Manager


To further reinforce our ambitious expansion plans, Rhino Doors has appointed Mike Davies to the newly created position of Sales Manager. Mike has a wealth of experience in Security and Perimeter Protection and will target new vertical markets for Rhino’s high performance doors as well as leading their aggressive export sales plans.

“I have followed Rhino for many years and have been very impressed with their innovative product range and the way they look after their customers. I always thought that if the right opportunity came up I would love to be involved” commented Mike at the recent Big 5 construction exhibition in Dubai.

Mike’s appointment comes at a time of great change at Rhino as they move in to larger premises and start their exciting product development programme, which will see them firmly establish themselves as the World leaders in high performance, multi-function doors and high security openings.

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Successful Relocation


Rhino are pleased to announce the successful completion of the relocation of all office and manufacturing based activities in Port Talbot to new, larger and more efficient facilities based very close to original location.

These new facilities provide us initially with a 20% increase in shop floor manufacturing area and this will increase to a 70% increase inside the next 12 – 18 months. Even this relatively modest 20% increase in area, coupled with a vastly improved manufacturing process flow layout (facilitated by two overhead gantry cranes, each of 7.5Te capacity) means that we now have the capacity to produce up to 4x as many doors compared to the original factory.

The new site also benefits from greatly improved office facilities that provide ample meeting/conference rooms, a video conferencing suite and plenty of space for expansion as the company grows.

Commenting on the recent move, Managing Director Stuart Lawrence said “The relocation of Rhino Doors to larger, more efficient premises is long overdue and we are delighted to be here. Not only have we removed the historical production capacity bottleneck that we used to suffer but we have also created for ourselves sufficient additional capacity to meet the demands of future projects, in line with our product development expansion plan”.


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The Strength to Protect

logo strap  

Over the past five months, Rhino Doors has undergone a transformation focused on expanding the product range of doors that can be offered, not just within our traditional security market but also meeting the needs of our increasing client base that demand doors with multiple performance criteria. These additional performance criteria include fire protection, sound attenuation and flood prevention.

Recognising this transformation in focus, we at Rhino have taken the opportunity to modernise our image and this has included a complete revamp of the company logo and the introduction of strap line that more comprehensively reflects the mission of the business.

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